"Ships lured in by false promises and lights litter the zee-floor. Their broken hulls make a city for the wreckers. The citizens are in constant motion, working to survive and appease the Fair King, who sits deep within the city on his wheeled throne."


A city of sunken ships. (art from Sunless Sea)

Wrack is a city of sunken ships, home of the infamous Wrecked Pirates. Under the Zee, the Wreckships lure unsuspecting zubmarines too close to realize that their enemy's crew is very much alive. The Wreckship will then either sink the ship or be sunk itself. Be wary, even a destroyed Wreckship is dangerous; the inhabitants have an annoying habit of playing dead when boarded. Above the Zee, the Wrecked have a more devious goal. They travel from port to port, promising riches and glory to ship crews, and that all they will need to do is sail to Wrack. Once there, the ships are then attacked and sunk to add to the city and add to the ever dwindling resources of the Wreck Fleets.

The Fair King and His Mirror Edit


The Fair King

Seemingly hailing straight out of a fairy tale, the Fair King leads the Wrecked from his throne room deep in Wrack. For a small (but is it really?) price of luring ships to their doom, he will offer you great rewards. Behind him is a most mysterious mirror that doesn't show him, you, or anyone else in the room's reflection. What exactly is in the mirror is unknown. Some call it the future, or a long lost dream (well, mirrors are gateways to Parabola after all...), or both. Whatever it is...well, you will just have to come to your own conclusions now, will you?


The Mirror's Reflection

Wrack large

A city of sunken ships. (concept art for Zubmariner)