"This is where the trading steamer fleets come in from the lands across the Unterzee, the sunless sea of the Bazaar. Mr Fires, who deals with trade in coal, keeps his office here among the warehouses and rowdy dockside pubs."


"Yezz. Yezz. We know zzo much. We are home." Art from FL

Wolfstack Docks
is Fallen London's single major port, located on the banks of the Stolen River close to the Eastern Unterzee. It's a sort of "home base" for zailors of the Sunless Sea. It's also the base of operations for Mr. Fires and his neddy men, who regularly beat the crap out (or get their crap beaten out) of more-than-justified rioters and unions.

The Black Ribbon Dueling Society is based here.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • The Blind Helmsman Tavern, where zailors and other dangerous folks meet. The owner runs a spider-fighting pit.
  • Leadbeater & Stainrod - Londoners of Some Importance buy ships here.
  • Gibbet's Wharf, a port that is often a site of riots; this is where the battle of Wolfstack Docks occurred.
  • The Silken Chapel, a meeting place of Spider-Councils