"What do they say about Veilgarden? A haunt of poets, prostitutes and other low types, and location of the notorious Singing Mandrake. Elderwick is famous for its booksellers. Hollow Street offers the best honey-dens in the city."


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Veilgarden is a district in central London known best for its bohemian leanings. One can find many scandalous delights in Veilgarden, from illicit affairs to honey-dens to pawns in the Great Game. Given the typical bohemian penchant for artistic pursuits, this is also the district for aspiring writers.

Although Spite is much more well known for its pickpockets, one would be well-advised to keep their purse close about their person – especially while admiring the street performers that dot the district.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • The Singing Mandrake
  • St. Fiacre's Cathedral
  • Tyrant's Gardens
  • Elderwick (née Aldwych)
  • Hollow Street

Old Name: Covent Garden

Original by NiteBrite/Mrs. Brite