The Fifth City: Fallen London's Lore Wikia

Hello and welcome to the Fifth City Wiki! I'm Kestrel (or perhaps Mr Feathers). I've been editing wikis for a while, but this one (founded in late 2015) is the first and only one I've actually owned. You can usually find me proofreading or keeping things going smoothly on the Discord server.

I am not affiliated with FBG; nor is this wiki. I just happen to enjoy games with tons of lore, like Failbetter's of course, and was a bit disappointed when I found that there wasn't one single place to find all the lore. So I made it. Feel free to contribute, but make sure to use spoiler warnings - check here for the templates and code!

How to Find Me

  • Leave a message on my wall
  • Join the Fifth City Wiki Discord
  • You might find me on a few other social media platforms, but I prefer that you reach out via either of the above.