"The road to the crater ends at a brass gate in the crater wall. Beside it stands an oddly charming little cottage. It’s thrown together from pumice and basalt, but it features honeysuckle. An equally charming deviless in a tea-gown leans against the cottage wall, twirling a parasol and fanning herself. 'I am the guardian of this place,' she remarks languidly. 'You may not pass. But can I offer you a cup of armillaria tea?'"

260px-SS Officers Gunnery Officer L Wistful Devilless

The Wistful Deviless, despite her seemingly harmless appearance, is a vital member of the Brimstone Convention, the fallen aristocracy of Hell. Her job is to not only observe the events of the convention but to make sure no prying eyes from outside witness the plots and schemes. She resides seemingly blissfully on the top of Mount Palmerston, but in fact is currently wanted by the denizens of Hell for treachery. Be wary around her; despite her frail and calm demeanor, she is guardian of the volcano rim for a reason.

The Deviless is a lost... well, not a soul, but whatever the hellish equivalent of one is. She enjoys the plotting of the Brimstone Convention and a cause to fight for, but it is equally balanced by her desire to one day return to Hell and ruin mortal lives like a proper monster.