"Take comfort - there are arrangements for every reckoning."

The Tragedy Procedures are the Masters' plans and arrangements, and how they will deal with any scenario that puts them at risk. Since these space bats are nearly unkillable, these would usually be engaged during an apocalyptic event.

"In the event of unscheduled overflow, fly from London. The air is the only refuge; glide until the lacre subsides."

"In the misseriment of HIC SUNT DRACONES convene the Committee for the General Benefit. Addendum: it is desidaratory for all members to be in attendance."

"In the event of suspected impersumption by the Thief-of-Faces, convene the Committee for the General Benefit. All Masters to submitify themselves to the Presumption, the Red Levy, and the Caged Choir."

"If stone pigs roused, valued servants to proceed calmly to Acacia Dock. Evacuation ships to carry them to Port Carnelian. Leave that which is beloved behind."

" the event that the Drowned stirs, we will apply the measures indicated in Annex Thirty-Three; Annex Thirty-Four; the Prelapsarian Conditionals; and the Spire-Sign. Through these measures..."

(Annex Thirty-Two occurs if one decides to Seek the Name. It is very likely a minor preparation in case a Seeker is discovered, and it merely consists of an interview with the... er, suicidal party.)

"Shall all be well? Who are the laws? Which ink? What rolls and bobs there? Who is hooked? What is your name? What is due?"

(This action also mentions an "article 21" which claims "Answers are required, it's only fitting." Of course, as this is Seeking the Name, it is possible none of this is real, and the seeker only imagined it.)