"The Topsy King: the notorious beggar-king of the Flit. Although he's far from royalty, you should probably present yourself. Oh yes: he's supposed to be incomprehensibly insane."

"Who is the Topsy King? In his own words: 'A goden most capering! Hines the walkskies, chanter the powb raggedy men. Dab with viddlo, too, goden!' So there we have it."

Topsy king
The Topsy King is said to have once been a member of the Empress' Court. He is
often accompanied by his gang of lunatic beggars and thieves, known as the Raggedy Men. He collects paintings and tends to speak in nearly incomprehensible gibberish.
Flitsmall In the Flit... may work for the Topsy King, conducting various criminal endeavors among his henchmen.
Heartsdesire Ambition: Heart's Desire

The Topsy King, aka Tristram Bagley, used to be a court composer, scholar, and violinist for the Empress. He wrote part of an amazingly scandalous Correspondence-laden opera called "The Bell and the Candle." But before he could finish it, he bet his sanity in the card game called the Marvellous and lost, and that's why nobody can understand a thing he says.

After the opera is performed, he returns to sanity, for just a tear-jerking moment.

Topsyking3 What's the Topsy King saying?
A little hint for you: he describes himself as "A most capering man! Rules the Flit, this king of the poor Raggedy Men. Good with a fiddle, too, he is!"