"The Great Game is played between the Bazaar's Masters, the surface cities, and other powers. Spies and assassins are their pawns."

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The Affable Spy, a poster girl if there ever was one.

The Great Game is the main network of spies everywhere, even on the Surface. It's often likened to a game of chess, especially because every spy literally makes moves.

Some major Neathy players in the Game are the Cheesemonger and the Clathermonts.

Spies tend to pray to St. Joshua, their patron saint; the most experienced have shrines to him that are wrapped in irrigo, so they forget their secret rites after learning and performing them every time.

We know from the spies which nations are still at least somewhat intact on the Surface: Germany (or at least Prussia), France, Italy, Russia, and perhaps a diminished remnant of the British Empire. Austria-Hungary also still participates in the Great Game, and much clandestine activity happens in the city of Vienna, on the Surface.


An irrigo cloak is the mark of a master spy. Art from FL