"Like an iceberg, like a Bazaar-Master's scheme, like the Neath itself, most of the Hold is invisible. You see only a tiny portion of sculpted coral - the rest waits below the surface. The Fathomking's bone-rooms and aquaria. His pearl-snares and his dining-chambers..."


Not much of the Hold is visible, but it is quite imposing. Art from SS.

The Fathomking's Hold is the mostly-underwater home of the Fathomking, lord of those who have drowned. His actions are unpredictable, and though any who bring him a story may ask a boon, doing so is not always wise. He can reunite lost shipmates with their captains, though this service is never free.

The Fathomking

Titillating tidbits (NSFW)

You can do that thing with a Drownie. Turns out they lay eggs. It's also possible to bring the Fathomking a spore from the Uttershroom. He will proceed to drop it to his nether regions. Well, who knows what he does with THAT.

Also, the Fathomking's wife is a Lorn-Fluke.