“The Bazaar is traditionally spoken of as if it's a single living thing. Women call it 'he'; men call it 'she'. The Masters of the Bazaar style themselves 'Mr', but no-one seems to think they're actually men.” (How do you address a sentient shopping mall? Politely, I guess.)

"The Bazaar is located at the heart of Fallen London, in the Neath, a cavern of impossible size, by the Unterzee, a tremendous saltwater lake. They say it's the skull of some defunct pagan god. That doesn't sound very likely. Although it would explain the dreams."


Premises at the Bazaar, a very expensive place to live.

The Echo Bazaar is the very center of Fallen London. Almost all legal commerce takes place beneath the auspices of its spires, but few people are privileged enough to venture inside. From here, the Masters exercise their rule over the city.

People from all walks of life are free to buy and sell their wares here (including people straight out of New Newgate). Those of some importance are welcome to walk the side-streets and purchase higher-end goods found there. The Bazaar traffics in many things, from more common items like clothing or pets to the more intangible such as secrets and souls. Stories of love seem to be of particular interest. (See below if you'd like to be spoiled.)

It is even possible to visit the Masters inside the Bazaar. One may enter through their choice of seven doors, each of which is made of a different material: Ormolu, Teeth, Copper, Glass, Ivory, Paper, Steel.


A Spire-Emporium at the Bazaar - even more expensive.

The Bazaar deals in commerce on a far greater scale than these goods, however. Its vaults are far too extensive and secretive to be merely mundane. People of exceptional skill and fame may bargain for esoteric knowledge to push their training even further.

It’s tempting to ask why all this is how it is, but good luck trying to find answers. There are powerful people who’d like to keep it secret.

Tears Tears of the Bazaar
The Bazaar's tears are liquid sadness: touching the cork of the bottle will induce weeping, and if drunk, the liquid will consume the drinker with melancholy.

Master The Beginnings of the Bazaar [Spoilers: University, Sacksmas, Lilac at the Panopticon, perhaps others]

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the Bazaar and the Sun got together and had some really weird rock offspring (including Stone). The Sun then fell in love with a different star, and to add insult to injury, sent the Bazaar (who's the Judgments' messenger by the way) to give the other star a love letter. This other star, unfortunately, rejected the Sun in her reply. The Bazaar begged for extra time to deliver the rejection notice. So it has seven cities' time - ordered by the space dragons, who will execute both the Bazaar and the Sun if the letter isn't delivered in time - to find seven cities' worth of love stories to boil down into the Ultimate Love and prevent the Sun from drowning in its own tears. (And also, perhaps, to get some more space fook, though this is most likely not possible.)

We used to think that the Bazaar was collecting love stories to prove to the Judgements that love between links of the Great Chain (the Sun is above her on this Chain) is permissible, but upon careful inspection of a certain forbidden play, this is a misconception.

In case all of this is confusing, here's the high school version written by fellow lore nerd Manfred on the Delicious (Discord) Server.

A shy nerd (the Bazaar) is in love with a popular kid (the Sun) and they have a fling, but then the popular kid turns out to be a jerk and asks the nerd to give a love note to their new crush (another popular kid; the other star) for them. The nerd is devastated but does it anyway. EXCEPT the other popular kid has actual common sense and says "fuck no I'm not going out with that asshole", leading the nerd to become trapped with the dilemmas of both their own broken heart and the soon-to-be-broken heart of their crush. And PLOT TWIST! the nerd got pregnant and the baby's other parent is the jerk crush, but they don't want anything to do with the nerd or the baby so the nerd has to keep it a secret, and if anybody finds out they'll both get expelled or something. Then the nerd enlists the help of a group of shitty freshmen who everyone else hates (the Masters) by offering them money to find out how to tell the popular kid about the situation without them getting super pissed. But they only have until the end of the year, because the nerd and popular kids will graduate then and as we all know nobody talks to anybody they knew in high school after they graduate. The freshmen also have their own relationship drama and at some point one of them gets actually murdered for real.