"Waves lap the slabby sides of a vast turtle-shell - bigger than any cathedral. Chelonites loaf on wooden docks around the shell-sides, staring sullenly. Lamps hang like decorations in a festive butcher's window. All around you, the sea is rank with scraps of ancient flesh."


Is that a zee-turtle bone? Art from SS.

The Chelonate is an island-sized, rotting zee-turtle corpse inhabited by crazed monster-hunters. Despite the fact that it's located near the Gant Pole, where zee-monsters go to die, the inhabitants are very quick to point out that their ancestors actually slew the monster they're living on, and the proximity of the Pole is just a coincidence. They will point this out with whatever weapons happen to be nearby.

A temple to Storm resides in the Chelonate, and his presence might explain the locals' unpredictable and violent natures.