"The Captivating Princess was born in the year of the Fall. She wears scandal like a Parisian gown, and is rumoured to have a taste for honey."

1896 Princess

The Princess's 1896 campaign poster.

The Captivating Princess
is the Traitor Empress's youngest child, and the only non-historical member of the British royal family. She ran unsuccessfully for Mayor of London in 1896.

Unlike the rest of her family – who rarely stray far from the Shuttered Palace since their power and popularity has largely crumbled – the Captivating Princess is very much a social butterfly. She moves both in the most rarefied circles of high society and the most unsavory places in all of London. Her honey habit is common knowledge: she's even rumored to have her own honey-den in Veilgarden - "that exclusive little honey den on Burly Street."

However, scandal only seems to enhance her mystique. She's renowned as an arresting beauty, and stays a most desirable guest at salons. She has never terrified anyone, although it seems she - or something about her - has somehow driven several lovers to suicide. And rumor has it that she has red eyes, but this might be only when she's honey-dreaming.


Art from Sunless Skies promo.

The Princess went to the High Wilderness along with her mother and the rest of London at the turn of the twentieth century. Desiring independence, she now roams space as the Incognito Princess. She hasn't aged a day, and her beauty still makes people do disturbing things.
Well, this is downright unsettling... (Major Spoilers for Sunless Skies; Trigger Warning for Eye Trauma)
The Princess has done a number of frightening things since heading to space; it seems her full power has now been unleashed. She has vanished several people, (including the entire maintenance staff of Perdurance), driven even more irreparably insane, and manipulated countless people to perform tasks for her or simply kneel in awe. She also set a crowd of onlookers on fire with just her voice and her sheer glamor rivaling that of the Worlebury-juxta-Mare stage she stood on. Her beauty even drove one unfortunate denizen to scoop out his eyeballs with a spoon, proclaiming that the rest of the universe was now dull after seeing her.

But this does not even compare to one startling incident in 1906, in which she literally shed her skin to reveal a bee-like monster within, almost reminiscent of the stuff inside devils. Apparently being the product of a bargainer with the Masters and a zombie just... kind of... does that. Or maybe it's the honey. In any case, she's not as monstrous as her siblings, but still a freak of not-quite-nature.

Original by NiteBrite/Mrs. Brite


Art by Paul Arendt.