"The Ambitious Barrister is determined to improve your station. She says that she is repaying a kindness of old."'


The Ambitious Barrister. Art from FL.

The Ambitious Barrister helps Londoners on their way to becoming people of some importance in society. She claims that you did her a large favor in the past, and seeks to return it, though what she is really after is up for debate. She has connections to London's criminal types, and may help or hinder you if you ask about them.
Ironrepublic The Ambitious Barrister, Afterward
After the Barrister decides she's helped enough people in London, apparently, she travels to the Iron Republic and starts going by her (probably) given name, Mrs. Baggers. You might be able to find her there. She's gone a bit bonkers and decided to stay in this lawless place permanently. Quite odd.