"The outside is full of the most deplorable shapes; limbs grown overlong or reduced to inoperable stumps; joints fused or bending as they aren't meant to bend."

Warning: this page contains spoilers for Light Fingers.


The roof of the Neath. Art from FL

The Starved Men are people who practice the Shapeling arts, passed down from the Flukes, to change themselves. Through the application of Red Science and melted amber, they reshape and elongate their flesh to their own will: fusing or bending joints, stretching fingers, flattening jaws. This process takes a considerable amount of time and is notably painful and yet pleasurable, pushing the Starved Men's bodies to their very limits.

They live up on the Neath's roof, inhabiting some of the large stalactites inside which they've carved tunnels and rooms. For transportation between them, they use smaller, gas-filled balloons, rather than the large dirigibles used by Mr Fires and his minions. They constantly fight among themselves for sustenance and use contemporary weapons such as cannons and rifles.

One of the most important to them places is the Citadel of the Static Star; instead of a rock formation, however, it is a living creature they inhabit - the original moon-miser, the Moon-Mother.

Godfall was a once a fortress of the Starved Men that was blasted clean off of the roof from a large explosion during one of their wars, and crashed into the zee below. Violent, xenophobic remnants of the Starved Men still exist deep in the fortress and attack all intruders, but the cheerful alcoholic monks that inhabit the outer section of Godfall are not related to the Starved Men.