"The ragged old market of Spite is known for its silk-weavers and its pickpockets. Blythenhale is notorious for its feral cats. Flowerdene Street is the heart of the worst rookery in Fallen London."


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Spite is a district straddling Central London and the East End. One of Fallen London's poorest districts, the streets are ruled by the gangs of urchins who live in the Flit above. Most citizens know better than to get too close, unless they wish to wake up in a gutter without an echo – or anything else of value – to their name. Those looking to be initiated in the shadowy ways of stealth and legerdemain could learn much from spending time here.

Rumor has it that a major player in the Great Game works out of somewhere in Spite. Only fools listen to every rumor, but there may be some truth to this one....

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Doubt Street, a magnet for the newspaper industry
  • The Tenterhooks, the location of many of Spite's silk-weaving businesses 
  • Smashtile Alley, where clay bricks and roof tiles are manufactured
  • Blythenhale, known for its cat problem (née Bethnal Green)
  • Childcake Street
  • Flowerdene Street
  • St. Fiacre's Cathedral (née St. Paul's)

Old Name: Spitalfields