"Before you looms the bone tower of Scrimshander, the City of Remembrance. Ivory structures jut from the pile, supported by buttressing tusks. As your light plays across them, you can make out inscriptions. Names, pictures, and dozens of lost languages. The largest ones carry a warning: All are welcome to enter, but none may depart without leaving something of themselves behind."


So many bones... (art from Sunless Sea)

Scrimshander is a under-zee library of sorts, home to a massive record of history. Upon possibly millions of bones and ivory pieces is perhaps the single largest source of stories and recordings of the past. On every wall, there are tales of heroism and dramatic depictions of Neathy epics, the largest source of which is the massive Ivory Archive. The inhabitants, mostly drownies and Chelonate tribals, occasionally delve into the Archives but only go in for brief amounts of time (as it's not safe to stay there too long). After their research visits, the citizens go to the Stage of History to reenact the events of the stories and argue on the accuracy and meaning of the tales.

Be wary, for all may enter, but tradition states you must leave something behind to remember your stay, and large muscular guards will make sure you do so.