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"I saw it! Ask anyone! ...except her. Don't ask her."

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"The Rubbery Men are the ones who resemble squids, a little. They trade deep amber for the tiny blind fish that they eat, and for human music. They seem sad, anxious and very polite. But they are terribly menacing. Faces like squid! Occasionally one is stoned to death in an episode of civic high spirits."

"Do you recall how they came to that place? And we sang of our lightnings and shapeful disgrace? They tilted their vanes and ennobled their spires. We welcomed them then and commingled all choirs. If we could remember those days. If only we could remember."

Rubbery Men are mysterious crosses between squid and humans, who generally cannot speak intelligibly.

Lovably Disgusting[]

Rubberies deal a brisk trade in amber; they are also eager to take their amber back. Despite their apparent harmlessness, they still face xenophobia and its effects - devils refuse to take their souls, and occasionally one is stoned to death. Even so, at least one of them has risen high enough in society to be an at least semi-influential businessman; he's called the Tentacled Entrepreneur.

The lemon-scented slime that the Rubbery Men exude appears to have healing properties, favored by the wretched, forgotten, and desperate. Use of the substance as a restorative may result in mild side effects, like spasms, hair growth, and nightmares.

The Rubbery Men, though outcasts in society themselves, have also turned away one of their number: the Nacreous Outcast.

Do You Recall?[]

"Are you sure you want to know this?"

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The Rubberies hail from the planet Axile, brought to the Neath by the Bazaar. This was a part of a failed deal between them and the Bazaar. Despite their failings, they uphold their end of the bargain, which was to never love.

The Rubbery Men were created by the Flukes to interact with human beings. Part of their interaction involves the circulation of amber, which absorbs Vital Essences that may be used to alter a being's place on the Great Chain. Such amber is used by the Rubbery Men in Flute Street to conduct various strange experiments, and the Starved Men use amber in their own rituals.