"Why can't they just rant on Facebook like everyone else?"

-Alt text regarding Charley Square's anarchists

Most revolutionaries oppose the Bazaar and the Masters, though this group... isn't really a group.


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The Calendar Council
is the primary revolutionary organization in London. Its members, named after the months of the year, are for the most part plotting and planning for their end goal, the Liberation of Night. The philosophy behind it is spreading across the Unterzee and up to the Surface, and predates the Council itself. (An inhabitant of the room of rods and chains bears a message from its master, a blackened star. The Liberation of Night began long ago...)

There are other revolutionary groups, like the New Sequence, the rebellious faction of the Admiralty that created the Dawn Machine.

The Calendar CouncilEdit

  • January's identity was hinted at the conclusion of the "Season of Revolutions" Exceptional Stories. She is allied with the University. As of 1906, she leads the settlement of Pan in Eleutheria, and heads the Calendar Council's base there.
  • February is for many the most frequently encountered member of the Council; one can meet her in the Forgotten Quarter, where she is looking for a site of great interest to her cause. She's also involved in Knife-and-Candle, as a patron in the Moon League, which is odd because she is a sworn rival of Mr Iron. As of 1906, she resides in Pan.
  • March was also briefly part of the game and appeared to have been a lot friendlier than the ruthless February. However, that iteration of March was likely killed by the Haunted Doctor, who had been hired to do it by the rest of the Council. The current iteration is a coffee-smuggler and a sworn enemy of Mr Wines.
  • April is mentioned rarely, but it is known that she's a master at building explosives, and her work has made her deaf. They say her real name is [Ambition: Bag a Legend spoilers] Emelia Hathersage, and she is one half of a partnership that makes the finest naval weapons in London.
  • May is the Manager of the Royal Bethlehem Hotel, aka the Merry Gentleman.
  • June is a woman who was the original architect of the Dawn Machine.
  • July used to be a cultured society lady and violinist, but she lost her mind to a powerful Fingerking. She trades her memories for dreams of the future. (She is the subject of the Exceptional Story "Lost in Reflections.")
  • August is the Jovial Contrarian, who knows quite a bit about various revolutionary causes despite not always being involved in them. He has some kind of relationship and/or rivalry with the Affluent Photographer.
  • September is known only by reputation. But we know he exists.
  • October is possibly Dr. Schlomo (otherwise known as Freud). 
  • November is (possibly; unconfirmed) [Exceptional Story spoilers: A Little Pandemonium] Lilac. How confusing; a revolutionary in love with the Bazaar? It's a bit amusing that November's identity was revealed in an Exceptional Story for the month of November.
    • <font color="white"><span style="background-color: white"> Another possibility is that she was looking for the Nadir, given that she wears purple and remembrance features throughout the story. </span></font>
  • The leader of the Calendar Council is December, although nobody seems to know much about this ambiguously gendered individual. Whoever they are, they seem adamant about taking the Mountain of Light. But no one knows why. As of 1906, they reside in Pan.

Other RevolutionariesEdit

  • The Curt Relicker [A Trade in Faces spoilers] was on the Council until he fell in love with December and was kicked out.
  • The Affluent Photographer is one of the Council's main correspondents.
  • The Secular Missionary is a charming lady who has come to the Neath searching for her missing husband. She looks innocent, but is actually well-acquainted with anarchist causes. She has an apparent connection to, or preoccupation with, Joan of Arc. Her ulterior motive is to find the Cave of the Nadir, for use as a source of wealth or power, and potentially to sell the location to the highest bidder. She may not know its location, but does know how to enter it.
  • The Revolutionary Firebrand is a recent arrival in London and the exceptionally handsome husband of the Secular Missionary. He is known for being a bit of a cheapskate. His ulterior motive is to find the Cave of the Nadir, for use as a secret location for plotting Revolution. He doesn't quite know how to get in, but he knows where it is.
Liberation What is the Liberation of Night? (Sunless Skies Spoilers)

It's an anarchist plot to blow up the Bazaar and extinguish every light in the Neath. And it would only be a test run, because the Revolutionaries then plan to get rid of all the light in the UNIVERSE (the Liberation, presumably, being from the sources of said light). Knowingly or not, players who give the Revolutionaries luminous items, like glowing scarabs, are contributing to the plot.

The method through which this Liberation will be achieved is not entirely known. However, numerous Unclear Bombs (which behave similarly to nuclear bombs, but instead of a blinding flash they release blinding darkness) are scattered on the Zee floor, and the anarchists spend much of their resources trying to research unclear devices.

This may well be the future; its hypothetical aftermath is visible in the Fair King's Mirror, deep below the Zee in Wrack. (The Bazaar is in ruins, London is dim, and an arch commemorating the city's liberation from death has been erected; but a lone zee-captain prepares to defy it all. Is this the future, or but a bad dream?)

1906 [Major Spoilers for Sunless Skies]

"February hands you each a glass of your Aunt's brandy. "London did approach us about building an Unclear Bomb. We had an enemy in common: the Masters of old London. The Calendar Council helped make them an Unclear Bomb. We used it to blow up the sun."

"She shrugs. "But that's ancient history. Not sure why you bothered me with all this. Still, shall we raise a toast? To old acquaintances never forgot.""

Well, this isn't entirely true. Albion's sun - not Earth's! - died for another, currently unknown reason. But the important part is that the Liberation sort of happened and Victoria (of all people!) was in on it. The bomb, which never actually had to be used, still exists and is now housed in a certain mausoleum. Meanwhile, Albion's Judgement was replaced by the Clockwork Sun.