"This secret is perhaps not as carefully guarded as it should be."

Beyond this point lie spoilers for Fallen London, Sunless Sea, or Sunless Skies. This may include midgame or Ambition-related content. Proceed with caution.


Dr. Schlomo, better known as Freud.

Several astute players have noticed parallels between Fallen London and the real world, besides its alternate-historical setting and the well-known fact that the Empress and her Consort are Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Historical CharactersEdit

  • Dr. Schlomo, the Interpreter of Dreams, is Sigmund Schlomo Freud. Freud in real life had a great interest in dreams, believing them to be a path to the knowledge of the unconscious. In fact, he published a book on the subject, called The Interpretation of Dreams.
  • Sir Stamford Raffles, mentioned in reference to the Labyrinth of Tigers and the Correspondence, is indeed the founder of the British colony of Singapore, the Zoological Society of London, and the London Zoo. His son, Leopold, also survived and is now Pirate-King of the Isle of Cats.
  • Georges Auguste Couthon was guillotined in the French Revolution in real life, but the similarities between Couthon and the Jovial Contrarian seem to be no coincidence. For example, Couthon's legs were paralyzed due to what was believed to be meningitis, and he was eventually confined to a wheelchair.
  • The Great Game used to be a power struggle in Central Asia but now spans the world.

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