"This secret is perhaps not as carefully guarded as it should be."

Beyond this point lie spoilers for Fallen London, Sunless Sea, or Sunless Skies. This may include midgame or Ambition-related content. Proceed with caution.

"A hot, orange sun hovering low in a real sky. Tangles of green foliage and the sounds of nature; little tickings and chirpings. Here and there, though, are man-made shapes and shiny surfaces; straight lines and right angles - empty frames."[1]

Parabola is the realm of dreams, located beyond mirrors.

Beyond the MirrorsEdit

"Delicate, intricate friezes are still visible on some of the walls. There is a subtle mathematics in the abstract patterns, and a vivid energy in the figures. With one finger you trace the curve of a parabola."[2]


A Silverer.

Parabola is most commonly accessed via Prisoner's Honey, the preferred drug of the Neath.[3] It can also be accessed via Irem's House of the Amber Sky, a warm, roofless space packed with Irem-roses.[4] Parabola can sometimes be entered by physically passing through mirrors as well, though this process can be painful for obvious reasons.[5]

Parabola is more than a dream, however, as those who enter it disappear from the physical world for the duration of their stay, and can reappear in other locations.[6] It is possible for one’s body to return before one's mind does, making one seemingly drunk. This is called being honeymazed.[7]

Those who enter Parabola are greeted by a vibrant forest under an orange sun,[1] populated by strange and talkative animals.[8] Of note are the cats, who take the form of predatory big cats in Parabola but have the voices of the smaller talking cats back in London. Parabola does have a day and night cycle; we mention this because the Parabolan moon is a cat.[9]

The common citizen is unlikely to venture far into Parabola before waking up,[10] but certain professionals called Silverers have ventured far beyond the reaches of the Marches, and have dealings with the entities that lurk beyond the mirrors.[11] Silverers wear a set of cosmogone spectacles, which is irresistible to the denizens of Parabola.[12]

Landmarks Edit

"Are you sure you want to know this?"

Beyond this point lie major spoilers for Fallen London, Sunless Sea, or Sunless Skies. This may include endgame or Fate-locked content. Proceed at your own risk.


The Castle of Forests

  • The Mirror-Marches, which serve as the borderlands of Parabola,[13] often visited by those overcome by nightmares.[1] The Marches are littered with empty mirrors-frames, and travelers can observe visions of the other side.[14]
  • The Misermere, a heavily disputed piece of land that has been claimed by almost every one of the Duchess's noble cats[15]. The Rosers also have a stake in this place.[16]
  • The Smoking Shore, a great ocean of sulfurous smoke and a haunt of dreaming devils.[17] They say cats fought off a band of Heart-Takers here.[18] The Fingerkings also occasionally lay eggs here, and no one knows exactly what hatches from them.[19]
  • The Drowned Forest, a jungle under a lake.[20]
  • The Hanging Mountains, which are violet-sloped[21] mountains that hang upside down.[22]
  • The Waswood, where all things within are gone forever, and all things that are gone forever lie within.[23] The heart of these woods was the birthplace of the Glory, an enormous zee-turtle that roamed the Unterzee before dying near the Gant Pole. Its shell was taken over by crazed monster-hunters, becoming the Chelonate.[24]
  • The Castle of Forests, which is filled with briar-cages, made to contain prisoners by the Fingerkings.[25]
  • The Menagerie of Roses, where the dreamers never see the tops of the walls.[26] Apparently, the Roses stopped growing, much to the dreamers' dismay.[27]
  • Arbor, the city half in dream.[28]
  • The Writhing River, where parabola-flax grows and nightmares spawn.[29] It is full of serpents,[30] and it runs near Hunter's Keep.[31] At the head of the River lie silver-barked trees which excrete shining, useful sap.[32]
  • The Skin of the Sun, Parabola's false, cosmogone sun. It was built by the sisters of the Duchess to house the refugees of the Second City.[33]
  • The Dome of Scales, which was apparently constructed out of the scales of the first Fingerkings.[34] It's in pieces, now.[35]
  • The Burbling Spring-tide, a gorgeous garden-spa where couples can enjoy pillows of roses and visions of the night sky.[36]
  • The Garden Gleam, a garden of glass flowers where gravity is low. The petals ring in a perfect harmony when disturbed.[37]
  • The Moonlight Chessboard, where spies dream the moves and counter-moves of the Great Game.[38][39]

The Land That Is-NotEdit

"Parabola is the enemy-kingdom. The Judgements determine what is. Parabola's citizens are Is-Not. Sunlight destroys them, starlight corrodes them. Dreams come at night. Dreams thrive in the Neath. The Judgements cannot see—"[40]


What horrors lurk beyond the mirrors?

Parabola is the realm of what Is-Not, far beyond the reach of the Judgements' domain.[41] This dream-realm apparently hatched from an egg.[42] Since Parabola lies outside the regulation of the Judgements, time and space can be quite mutable. This can lead to paradoxes like Huntsmen being promoted to Huntsmen on Wednesdays, despite always being Huntsmen.[43]

Natives of Parabola are considered foreign, even illegal, by the Judgements, making them unable to leave for the real world.[40] There have been cases of Parabolan entities contacting and parlaying with the Judgements, but such cases are the exception rather than the rule.[44] The rulers of Parabola are the Fingerkings, which are snakes that lack a physical form outside of Parabola. They only wish to leave the mirrors, and, well, exist. To do this, they steal the skins of humans.[45] Unfortunately for them, many of these skin-thieves in flesh-suits have been captured and imprisoned in the third coil of the Labyrinth of Tigers.[46]

The Devils of Hell once served the Judgements directly as servants.[47] Following their failed rebellion, they exiled themselves to Parabola via Caduceus.[48]

Another faction currently residing in Parabola are the Rosers of the Fourth City. These individuals expedited the fall of the Fourth City, and sought refuge in Arbor,[49] which historically accepted refugees from many of the Fallen Cities.[50]

The AttendantsEdit

"This is Parabola. We found it in dreams and brought light to it. The ushabti were built to construct a new home for the Second City, where we could live forever beneath the skin of the sun. The night was the bringer of dreams and thus sacred to us. But this Palace was never completed."[51]


The Obstinate Adoratrice

The sisters of the Duchess decided to flee to Parabola to evade the whims of the Bazaar.[52] There, they created a false sun made of cosmogone,[53] as they knew they could not abide the true Sun any longer.[54] Using constructs called ushabti, the sisters attempted to create a new home for the citizens of the Second City, called the Palace of the Rising.[55] Things did not go as planned, however, so the Palace was left unfinished and ruined.[56] The Obstinate Adoratrice still remains in the Palace of the Rising, though she lacks the knowledge to complete it.[57]

Before the sisters built their sun, Parabola was apparently quite dark.[58] Given the failure of the project, it seems likely that the Skin of the Sun will eventually flicker out.[59]


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