"Once, this simple fishing village was part of the London suburbs, before London fell and the waters rushed in. Smoke spirals from cottage chimneys. A lonely hill rises behind town."

"Mutton Island houses a small, vibrant fishing community. But you can't buy a piece of fish on the island for love nor money. Where does it all go?"


(art from Sunless Sea)

Mutton Island is a small island in the Southern Archipelago. A fishing village called Quaker's Haven is the only settlement on the island.

The Fruits of the Zee Festival is held here every August, and Londoners can take a ferry to the island for a low price at this time of year.

Miriam Plenty, of Mrs Plenty's Carnival in London, was raised here, and used to be the landlady of the inn.

Much like neighboring Hunter's Keep, the village's well glows at night, and whispers in the citizens' minds. Unlike the Keep, however, this well appears to be the domain of a devoured Master.