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"I saw it! Ask anyone! ...except her. Don't ask her."

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"Fallen London: once capital of the British Empire, now home of the Bazaar. Deep. Dark. Expensive. Marvellous. Here you can find everything from immortality to unnervingly good mushroom wine."

"The Bazaar stole London three decades ago. Of course only anarchists and revolutionaries say 'stole' any more. Everyone who matters has grown to know and love the status quo. It's quiet down here. All those jewels and mushrooms and all that black water. What could be better?"

Now known as Fallen London or the Fifth City, London was formerly the capital of the British Empire... until it was kidnapped by the Bazaar and its Masters and placed in the lawless cavern called the Neath, in exchange for the life of the ailing Prince Albert. (Victoria loved him that dearly.)

"The streets of London were bent into a labyrinth with the Bazaar at the labyrinth's heart. Finding your way around can be troublesome"[1]

Things have changed since the fall, and names have been replaced - but more strangely, as the years pass, Londoners have begun to notice that new maps contradict their predecessors (let alone the illegal ones from before the fall[2]). Perhaps there are just no worthy cartographers in this city; but seasoned zailors and geography professors have reported similar observations all over the Neath. For someone standing just under the spires of the Bazaar, the directions to any other point of interest would be the same, but the route would be different each time. There are rumors about a map of London so precise that it can even track the smallest deviations of each road.[3] But if something like this existed, it would be locked away from the public - the Masters don`t like it when people dig too deep...


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