"Death is not always permanent in Fallen London. This permits the practice of the violent but strangely boyish game of murderous gentlemen's tag called the Game of Knife-and-Candle."


Note the guns under the table...

Knife-and-Candle is Fallen London's more polite game of murder, polite in this case meaning one which doesn’t quite send the loser to the Slow Boat. The game is run by the mysterious Committee, seemingly led by Mr. Iron himself, in the Gameskeeper’s Cottage located on Watchmaker’s Hill. Those who wish to participate in this game have their name written in silver in the Blind Book. The Committee enforces the rules of Knife-and-Candle by means of hired umpires. Umpires of Knife-and-Candle enforce the Committee rules by breaking up the offending members' fight. It is considered bad form for an umpire to murder the players, but it does happen on occasion.

Knife-and-Candle currently has two leagues in which players may participate, the Iron League, and the Moon League. All new participants start out in the chaotic Iron League, where fellow duelists may attack at any time. In the Iron League, duels take the form of ambushes, like a game of cat and mouse. The Moon Leagues, however, are a more stately affair. In the Moon Leagues, duels take the form of declared moves and countermoves. Each player takes turns building their strategy and the duel can be ended at any time, and for any reason, if so desired. Advanced players in the Moon Leagues may participate in special Golden Duels which are just like regular duels except more prestigious.

There are three basic fighting styles approved by the Committee for use in Knife-and-Candle duels. The first fighting style, Savage, is the style of focusing on brute strength and force. It is used to overpower the opponent. The next fighting style, Elusive, is the style of keeping to the shadows. It is used to take one’s opponent by surprise, and has the added benefit of robbing them of their weaponry at the same time. The final fighting style, Baroque, is the style of confusion and chaos. Baroque throws one’s opponent off their game and creates an advantage for the player.

As players win duels they gain iron knife tokens, prize tokens, proud parades of victories, and the coveted Assassin of Assassins title. These items are used to increase the player rank or order, attract lucrative sponsorship, and powerful gear and weaponry such as a Waxwail Knife or Shroud of Little Midnights.


The Gamekeeper's Cottage

Original by NiteBrite/Mrs. Brite