"The brawling bearded men who live here call themselves monks. They pay lip service to 'St Stalactite', which fell from the roof. But their chief interests seem to be wine, blood and shouting."


Godfall (art from Sunless Sea)

Godfall is a stalactite from the roof of the Neath that crashed into the Zee because of a battle between warrior monks on the roof. The monks who lived in the stalactite (perhaps related to the warrior nuns of Abbey Rock) took the name "the Starved Men." The survivors, not of the starved men, but of the group attacking them, repopulated, despite a vow of celibacy. The starved men lived in the Shattered Citadel - yes, that's in the past tense. It's still a bad idea to enter.

Deep in the chapel there is evidence of shape-changing - elongated human skulls and the tools used to elongate them, for example. Farther in, the gates seem to be made of men, and it's impossible to tell if they were sculpted or molded...