"Wherever there's poverty, darkness, despair, there's folk to make a profit on it. And London has these a-plenty."


Criminals. Smugglers, counterfeiters, cutpurses, burglars. What would probably be called the underworld in other cities is simply mainstream in Fallen London. Which, of course, means that the general populace has to watch its valuables much more closely.

Criminal BossesEdit

  • The Cheery Man is the Last Constable's father and rival. He's also the landlord of the Medusa's Head Tavern in Watchmaker's Hill. If the thieves of Spite and the Hill had a pope, it would be him, according to many.
  • The Gracious Widow: need I say more?
  • The Repentant Forger was once a criminal, but is now making a living as a talented painter.
  • Jack-of-Smiles is not exactly a criminal boss, but he's certainly something...