"The rails fall away. The Wilderness is wide before us."

"'Where to?' asks the Navigator."


Into the wilderness! (from the Sunless Skies Kickstarter)

The High Wilderness is the vast and seemingly infinite celestial realm of the Judgements. Also referred to as the heavens, the High Wilderness constitutes outer space, but rather than being mostly empty, it is filled with winds, mist, and fog among which dwell sky-beasts like the Aeginae and Scrive-Spinsters. Avid Horizon serves as a gateway between the High Wilderness and the Unterzee.

There is some breathable air in the High Wilderness, albeit thin and cold; one cannot survive more than fifteen minutes without wearing a proper suit. Wells - the High Wilderness' version of black holes - exist, often drawing in unwary travelers. Some cults gather around these hungry manifestations to perform rites.

At the dawn of the 20th century, the Empress Victoria led an exodus from London to the High Wilderness, where a revitalized British Empire established Albion. At the same time, the Judgements have begun dying off, providing opportunities for the Empire to expand and industrialize their vacated domains using a new class of vessels: spacefaring locomotives.



Space trains! Art from Sunless Skies.

We know what you're thinking... yes, London went to space by train! Much like their earth-bound counterparts, locomotives are steam-powered. They feature tough plating that protects occupants from the dangers of the High Wilderness.

Major locationsEdit

  • Albion - The heart of the Empire in the High Wilderness, home to New London and Empress Victoria's Throne of Hours.
  • The Reach - The frontier beyond Albion, just waiting to be exploited and industrialized.
  • Eleutheria - A dark and riotously pagan region.
  • The Blue Kingdom - A stretch of space said to be populated by the dead.

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