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The people of the Neath. Or, at least, those who seem more people than other.

As a small footnote: there are multiple types of beings in the Neath that may be considered "human" per se. Tomb-colonists are essentially folks who refused to just die, and snuffers have an extra element of grotesqueness to make them unique. It is also worth mentioning that death works quite oddly in the Neath, and plain old ordinary folks are hard to kill permanently...


Those, whose lifes are, in some way, connected to the Unterzee. Port merchants, ship doctors and steamer passengers - different people, but the same black waves.

The Dark-Spectacled Admiral[]

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The Voracious Diplomat[]

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The Merchant Venturer[]

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The Genial Magician[]

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The Haunted Doctor[]

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The Irrepressible Cannoneer[]

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The Lady in Lilac[]

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The Presbyterate Adventuress[]

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The Sigil-Ridden Navigator[]

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The Tireless Mechanic[]

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The Bandaged Poissonier[]

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Maybe's Daughter[]

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