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Doomed Albatross Doomed Albatross 30 May 2019

Raddled Test

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Doomed Albatross Doomed Albatross 29 April 2019

Collection of Notes on the Shades of the Blue Kingdom

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  • 2 Journey to the North
  • 3 Petrichor
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Shades (or known as spirits) are what happened to a living being after they die. When you died, you became shade. The purpose of every Shade in the Blue Kingdom is to pass through Death's Door, a celestial gate in the northernmost part of the Blue Kingdom.

Shades of those that dabbled in immortality (but died anyway) are known as the Failed Dead/ Erroneous Dead.

The Shades began their journey at the Toll-Tower in the Sky Barnet. They appeared "through gates that are never closed". Before the establishment of the London embassy (and even longer before that?), spirits have to pay a toll to enter the rest of the Blue Kingdom.

Next, they are judged at the Stone-Faced Court. Those who are deemed …

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Mesabi Mesabi 14 January 2019

To Do List

This wiki needs a lot of work. Granted, it's basically the only place to get comprehensive lore for this series, but it's patchy, and I'd like to fix that. 

There's a lot of information in Sunless Skies that turns things here on it's head, and I'd hope that we can take a lot of that information, and put that on this wiki. 

Anyways, To Do:

-Add Sunless Seas Creatures

-Add Sunless Skies Creatures

-Add Sunless Skies Officers

-Finish Port information for Sunless Skies

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KestrelGirl KestrelGirl 6 October 2015

Resources for Creating Pages

Some resources to use when creating, expanding, and citing pages: The official Failbetter forums. There are lore subforums you can pore through. The official Fallen London gameplay wiki. Has some lore, but you'll have to look through the pages for many of the options in each storylet to find juicy lore. The official Sunless Sea gameplay wiki. Useful for location information, art, and some lore details. - The official Sunless Skies gameplay wiki. Useful for location information, art, and some lore details. Spacemarine9's Fallen London Q&A tumblr. Now an archive, but still a very, very good and addictive lore source. 677…

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