"It has claws; it has a fierce double beak; but just now it seems disinclined to use them."


A blemmigan. (art from Sunless Sea)

"Blemmigans are sentient mushrooms with a taste for flesh; they thrive in Bugsby's Marshes and other swampy locations around the Neath. They are the spores of the Uttershroom, located in Myceligaea, far across the Unterzee. They're creatures of letters and blossom when they can exercise their liking for the written word. Fallen Londoners may encounter Blemmigan Pedants or even, with exceptional luck, find a blemmigan that is actually willing to be one's secretary. When voyaging around the Zee, one may find a blemmigan colony on the shores of an island.

During the Feast of the Exceptional Rose 1893, a collection of poems took literary circles – and the Ministry of Public Decency – by storm and gave birth to a new school. The Mycologene School is wholly dedicated to maintaining the Elusive Poet's legacy by emulating their Illicit Volumes of Unexpectedly Racy Fungal-Themed Poetry."

Original by NiteBrite/Mrs. Brite