"They call it the city of flowers, but the flowers are crystals, spiral matrices grown on the walls of Anthean caves. The inhabitants of Anthe are at least partly crystal too: they call it "going sharp." Becoming more perfect, and clearer, and colder."


What lies within this city of flowers? Art from SS.

Deep within the Zee-floor lie the mysterious crystal caverns of Anthe. The people there are an odd lot who can turn parts of their bodies into crystal at will: skin, bones, lungs, spleen, uhhh... (cough) genitalia (cough)... These new organs can offer unique abilities to their users: crystal bones and skin can protect their "wearer" from taking too much environmental damage, and lungs and stomachs of stone offer unique resistance to poisons and toxins. The crystallization of the body also gives rise to a rigid caste system within the caves. Members of different walks of life (thieves, mercenaries, the occasional Clay Man) turn different parts of their bodies to crystal to enter certain caves or perform specific duties. However, one is not limited when it comes to how much of one's body can be turned to crystal: it is not uncommon for people to fully crystallize and become one with the cave after many years of residence.